Junior Cars - 250GT California Spyder

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Offering the world's finest 1/2 scale automobiles. Our model line includes many of the worlds most iconic sports cars, timeless utility vehicles and an exclusive 60's Formula racecar. Available in both Gas or Electric powertrains

250GT California Spyder

250gt california spyder



  • Petrol Engine
    • 110cc air-cooled 4 stroke single cylinder petrol engine
  • Optima™ Battery Upgrade (Petrol)
    • Powerful Optima™ Yellow-Top deep cycle batteries

Paint & Body

  • Paint - Classic
    • Six classic colors, premium DuPont paint
  • Paint - Non-Standard Color
    • Twelve additional non-standard color selections, premium DuPont paint
  • Paint - Paint to Sample
    • Complete custom paint to sample - includes color chip and DHL service

Exterior Trim Upgrades

  • Detail Kit - 250 GT SWB California Spyder
    • Exclusive details
  • Competizione Kit - 250 GT SWB California Spyder
    • Including quad exhaust, competition dash board


  • Custom Painted Wheels
    • Wheels color-matched to body
  • Harrington Wire Wheel Covers
    • Classic good looks with our wire wheel covers
  • Bespoke Turrino™ Wire Wheels
    • Authentic wire wheels custom made in England By Turrino™
  • Spare Wheel & Tire (Rear)
    • Spare wheel & tire

Interior Upgrades

  • Partial Leather Interior
    • Includes seat and side cars
  • Full Leather Interior
    • Includes seat, side cards, transmission tunnel and shift boot
  • Bespoke NWCrafted™ Nappa Leather Interior
    • Re-contoured seats, gear shift, and side pockets
  • Carpet Set
    • Complete interior carpet set. Includes trunk
  • Floor Mats
    • Color matched or deviating color floor mats


  • Speed Restrictor
    • Adjustable speed restrictor
  • Seat Belt
    • Lap belt with anchor
  • Safety Helmet
    • Safety helmet matched to exterior color

Storage and Detailing

  • Fitted Indoor Car Cover
    • Soft breathable indoor car cover
  • Outdoor Car Cover
    • Weather resistant outdoor car cover
  • STEK™ Paint Protection Film
    • Custom PPF application
  • Heirloom Quality Transportation & Storage Crate
    • Hand-crafted crate for long distance transport and storage - includes tie-down straps
  • Griots Garage™ + Junior Cars USA Detail Kit
    • An exclusive selection of Griot’s Garage detail supplies