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Brian Groudle Park Place Service Center Manager



Brian is an Eastside native and has been an employee of Park Place for over 20 years, he has an extensive knowledge of our customers' cars. Brian is quick-witted and brings enthusiasm and positivity to Park Place daily.

Fast Facts about Brian Groudle

- Has worked at Park Place LTD since:

- Is known for:
Being the longest tenured employee in the Service Center.
His uncanny auto troubleshooting & diagnostic abilities.

- Best Drive:
Father/Daughter road-trip down California coastline... “That was special, I'll never forget the great times we had!”

- What makes Park Place LTD Unique?
“All of our employees are TRUE Car Enthusiasts, and we have a broad and diverse range of automotive passions.”
“I'm not the ONLY Saab guy here!”

- Origins:
Brian is a lifelong local Eastside guy and actually rode the roller-coaster at Lolly-Pop Land as a kid.

- Current Daily Drivers:
Saab 9-5 Aero Wagon
BMW M roadster
Ford F-150

- Dream Garage:
Mercedes E63 Wagon
A NEW Saab Wagon
2017 Porsche GT4
1970 Cadillac Convertible
Any E-Type Jaguar

- Did you Know?
Brian once completely Spun a truck and trailer on the freeway... “Not a scratch to anything!, changed my pants on the shoulder and went on my way like nothing happened.”

- More About Brian:
Brian has a bucket-list goal of wearing Lederhosen at Octoberfest in Bavaria!... visit our website frequently for pics of that!

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Over 35 Years in the Special Interest Automobile Business

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