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Dave Bruski started his automotive career locally in 1980, which eventually led him to Park Place LTD in 1991, making him the longest tenured employee in Park Place's history.

Dave loves his job because he enjoys meeting people and helping them find the perfect car for their needs. From daily drivers with style, to sports cars, collector cars, dedicated track cars, Exotic cars and investment grade cars, David wants to help you find what you need.

Fast Facts about David Bruski

- Has worked at Park Place LTD since:

- Is known For:
Experience, character, honesty.

- What makes Park Place LTD Unique:
“The variety and quality of the vehicles, the great people, and the fun atmosphere.”

- Origins:
Born in Spokane, WA

- Current Daily Driver:
2008 BMW X3 M-Sport

- Dream Garage:
Lotus Evora 400, Aston Martin Vantage, Ferrari Dino 246 GTS (chairs and Flairs), Lotus Exige S260…and a Ferrari 550 Maranello…and an Alfa 8C...

- Interests:
Computers, Tech Gadgets, Future Technologies

- Did you Know?
There are 3 Davids at Park Place, but only one Bruski. Also, look for Bruski on LinkedIn, FaceBook & Twitter. “Buy your next car from me!”

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, David Bruski became an automotive enthusiast at an early age – at 5 years old to be exact, when he received an open wheeled pedal car with a "race car" steering wheel for Christmas. Bruski speculates, "I must have put 100,000 miles on that pedal car before I out grew it." Next came Match Box cars, Hot Wheels, Slot Cars, even the riding lawn mower! And, by age 12, he had learned to drive real cars on his Grandfather's farm in Montana operating trucks, tractors, combines, motorcycles…David was hooked; he had a passion for anything with wheels.

Naturally, David ended up with a career in the automotive industry, which led him to Park Place LTD in 1991, making him the longest tenured employee in Park Place's history.

“Bruski”, as his friends and clients often call him, resides in Bothell, WA with his beautiful daughter, along with their Yorkshire Terrier and Papillon. As you would expect from such an automotive enthusiast, he has owned a wide array of interesting cars including Alfa Romeos, BMWs, Porsches, Fiats, Fords, Chevys, Datsun's, Mini Cooper S, VW, a Pantera, Audi's, and various motorbikes. When pressed, David admits, "I have to say the Cooper S is one of my favorites to drive everyday, but I miss my 911 the most."

Other than cars, Bruski has always been interested in computers, tech gadgets, and future technologies. If you want to get an informed opinion on subjects like Green Cars or the future of transportation in our country, David is a great place to start. “I've been called ‘Inspector Gadget’ before,” he admits.

According to David, Park Place is the dream place for any car enthusiast. “Very few Dealerships have the variety, depth, and quality of vehicles we have. Even fewer have the quality of people we have, and none have the fun we have!” Much of Bruski's business comes from return customers and referrals. His vast wealth of knowledge and integrity will make your purchase decision uncomplicated and enjoyable. “Just ask for Bruski.”

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