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David Khazai Sales Consultant



David started his automobile career in 1987 at Olympic Auto Mall in Chicago. Prior to Park Place Ltd, David worked for Mercedes Benz dealers in Chicago and Phoenix. David believes in building long term relationships based on trust and integrity, and “customer hospitality”.

Fast Facts about David Khazai

- Has worked at Park Place LTD since:
2005, and David is a 12-time winner (and another three-times the runner-up!) of Park Place LTD Salesman of the Year!

- Is known For:
Attentive and patient customer service

- What makes Park Place LTD Unique?
“Park Place is a local, family run business that allows me to take my relationships with clients beyond simple sales person and customer like you will find at other dealers, and to treat them in a way that makes them feel like part of the Park Place Family, too. We go above and beyond.”

- Origins:
Shiraz, Iran

- Current Daily Driver:
Mercedes-Benz ML500

- Dream Garage:
Lamborghini Miura S, Ferrari Dino 246, Porsche 993 Turbo S, ’57 Cadillac Eldorado Conv. (red over white), Ferrari Enzo, Alfa Romeo 8C, ’57 Thunderbird, ’57 Mercedes-Benz 300SL roadster

- Interests:
Soccer, Fishing, Hunting

- Did you Know?
David’s given name is Daryoush.

More About David Khazai:

David Khazai is Persian and was born in the beautiful city of Shiraz, Iran. He came to the United States in January, 1978 to study and earned his Bachelor of Science from the University of Illinois. His love of sports and luxury cars started in his early teens in Tehran, and he brought that with him to the States, eventually ending up in automotive sales.

For well over 20 years, David has made his place exclusively in the luxury car business, dividing his experience between official Mercedes-Benz dealers in Chicago and Phoenix, AZ before joining the Park Place team in 2005.

David is passionately dedicated to top level, old world "client hospitality". He is willing to spend the extra time to ensure all questions are answered, with great attention to detail, while obtaining the best possible results for his customers. And everyone he deals with loves this service and attention; David routinely ranks highest in the Customer Satisfaction Index, and has earned Park Place LTD Salesman of The Year honors twelve times, and has been runner-up an additional three times.

David says, “I treat my clients like the way I want to be treated if I was buying the car. I want to make the car shopping experience a joyful and painless process.”

David lives in Kenmore, WA with his wife and their two daughters. Naturally, he drives a Mercedes-Benz, an ML500. His “Dream Garage” would be full of supercars like the Ferrari Enzo, Porsche 993 Turbo S, Lamborghini Miura, and Alfa Romeo 8C, but would also include a classic ’57 Cadillac, a Thunderbird, and a 300SL Mercedes.

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