Collector Car Auction Consignment

Help with Auction Sale or Purchases

"Rookies Get Slaughtered." As with anything in life, experience is key. We've been buying and selling cars at Collector and Exotic Auctions for nearly 40 years. The ol' concept of "I know a guy" really applies to the level of expertise and ease for us taking care of your auction buying and selling needs. We understand that everybody operates differently and we'd like to cater to that. We can work with you in whatever way fits your lifestyle best; you can call us right now and we can discuss it, or you can do some research on this page before moving forward. We're here to do all of this FOR YOU & make sure you buy or sell at the right price.

Imagine lining hundreds or even thousands of potential buyers in front of your driveway where they have direct access to your collector car. That’s the greatest benefit of consignment with at Auction. Potential bidders at Auctions must pass a stringent qualification process to ensure that bids can be backed up.

Apply Online

  • The easiest way to consign is to apply on our website. Before consigning online, it’s important to gather all vehicle images and documentation in digital form and know where the images and scans are located on your computer. Scan both sides of your title.

Speak to a Consignment Specialist

  • If you have questions prior to consignment, please call us here at Park Place LTD by calling (425)562-1000 and speaking with Chris Lowell in our full-time 4-person consignment dept.

Research Car Values

You may think you know what your car is worth and have an idea of what you’d like to sell it for, but does your intuition really reflect the marketplace? By all means, don’t consign your car at No Reserve without doing your homework. Take a look and see how vehicles similar to yours have done at auctions like Barrett-Jackson or Mecum in the past. This is easy to do using the Results tabs on their websites.

To see previous sales prices of vehicles, enter as many parameters as you like in the fields at the top of the page. Click Search and the results appear in seconds. Generally, these will include all vehicles sold at a Barrett-Jackson auction from 1996 up to our most recent event. Of course, it is important to examine those results to find vehicles as close to the condition of your vehicle as possible. If you like what you see, consign with confidence!

Take Great Photos!

When you submit a consignment, you need five good photos of your vehicle. The images are important, as they show all sides of your vehicle to potential buyers. Furthermore, the images are utilized on all of the websites, in the event catalogs and possibly in other marketing avenues, such as eBlasts or print advertisements. Because they are a key factor in marketing your car to the masses, they need to be the best possible photos you can obtain.

Tips for Success


  • 5 good photos of your vehicle: 1) 3/4 front view (not three-quarters of the car; this refers to the angle showing the front and side of the vehicle at the same time), 2) 3/4 rear view (from the other side), 3) Side view, 4) Interior, 5) Engine
  • Photos should be at least 3 megabytes (3MB) in size
  • As the photos represent an asset, there can be no other vehicles in the photos
  • With the exception of interior and engine shots, the entire vehicle must appear in the photo


  • Select an ideal location: a blank canvas in which to showcase your vehicle
  • Try to photograph your car at the rear of a supermarket, department store, or warehouse - any place that provides an interesting backdrop without detracting from the car
  • Make sure there are no people in your shot
  • Make sure there are no other cars in your shot
  • Try to avoid shooting the vehicle in your driveway
  • The car should be photographed on level pavement; grass or snow are not recommended


  • Most consignors use the sun as their light source
  • Natural light (just as the sun rises or sets) is best
  • Light shade is often recommended
  • It's important to ensure adequate light for shooting the engine and interior


  • Avoid trees or large signs in the background
  • Again, no people, pets, or other distractions
  • Remember to sell the vehicle, not the landscape


  • Unwanted reflections detract from a vehicle's image
  • Check for reflections from clouds, signs, and overheard power lines

Click here for further information about how to take the best photos possible (including information on smartphones vs. cameras, file type, resolution, and more.

Copy of Title

In order to process a consignment application, we need a copy of both sides of the vehicle title. The title must be clear, as we do not auction cars with liens. Of course, the vehicle title and VIN must match.

Unless you are a car dealer, the name and address on the title must match the name and address on the Consignment Forms. Also, Canadian vehicles must be titled in the U.S. in order to be eligible for some auctions.

TIP: Don’t take photos of your title. Copy or scan both sides. The pages must be flat and clear.

Other Documentation?

Supporting documentation (including factory documents) is not only useful for boosting bidder confidence, it’s also helpful to support any claims made in your vehicle descriptions. For example, if you claim that your car’s custom-built engine produces 900hp, provide a dyno sheet in support of that claim. (Of course, verifiable factory engine output ratings do not need dyno sheets.) Another example: If your Mustang has a Marti Report, submit a copy of that document along with your application.

Consignment Application

Consigner must be the owner of the vehicle.

Owner Information
Vehicle Information

After submitting this form, you will be prompted to upload your photos.
You'll be able to select photos from your phone photo library or on your computer desktop. Please be prepared to include at least the following photos:

Please include:

  • Front 3/4 view
  • Rear 3/4 view
  • Interior
  • Engine

You are classified as an owner if:
You PERSONALLY own the vehicle and you ARE NOT a DEALER. All information submitted must match the vehicle's title EXACTLY.

You are classified as a dealer if:
At the time of the auction you have both a current dealer and resale license. You MUST upload a copy of a dealer and resale license to create your account.

Successful sale payment:
In the event of a successful sale, funds will be payable to the entitly shown on the title.