Worldwide Shipping

We Ship Our Cars Worldwide

We arrange door-to-door shipping for buyers throughout the USA and, with an experienced logistics network in place, we can refer you to vehicle transporting companies globally. We have customers in countries such as Australia, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Japan, Canada, Mexico and more.

For additional information on Domestic and International Shipping, International Sales or to purchase a vehicle contact us by phone at 425-562-1000. We are located in the US Pacific Time Zone. You may also contact us by email regarding your questions.

we ship our cars worldwide

We have an on-site titling and registration department that facilitates getting you on the road with permits. Not driving it off the lot? Not a problem. We can assist with getting the vehicle shipped to your door anywhere in the world.

No More HassleWe Take The Hassle Out of Buying a Car Long Distance!

Park Place LTD has been selling vehicles to buyers outside of Washington for the last 30+ years and has nailed down the process. While the process can seem daunting as the buyer, we understand that and take steps to ensure that you know exactly what is happening each step of the way. Not knowing where to start with financing, payment, paperwork, delivery of the car, registration, etc., we can guide you through the entire process.

Our Services

Door-to-door auto transport

This is convenient when you have a spacious spot for our driver to park and load or unload the vehicle.

Open auto transport

Choose this option to save 35% or more on your order. A top loading spot for more secure transport will require an extra fee.

Expedited transport

With this premium service, have your car transported within 24 to 48 hours from ordering.

Enclosed transport

Covered car shipping provides extra protection from road debris and weather. This is a great option for vintage or exotic cars.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get my new vehicle to my house?
    This is nothing new for Park Place LTD, as we’ve been shipping out of the area for decades. As a part of our service with selling a vehicle, we can assist in getting you all lined up with shipping, storing the vehicle until it is picked up, and handling all the logistics until the vehicle is on the transporter to your destination.
  • Independent Inspection
    As with ANY pre-owned car, we would welcome you hiring an independent inspection prior to purchasing a vehicle from us. We have a list of inspectors we’ve worked with in the past or can help facilitate an inspection that you find on your own. We’ll even make a vehicle lift available for the inspector if needed!
  • Flying Into Seattle
    Are you looking into the final steps of buying a car from us and want to come see it or pick it up? If you fly into Seattle-Tacoma (Sea-Tac) International Airport, it's a short and scenic ride to Park Place Ltd to drive your new vehicle home.
  • Road Trip
    Do you want to make a full experience out of your new car purchase? We can prepare your car with anything you need for the open road in our service center and auto salon so you can drive straight into the sunrise. (Towards the sunset would be a 30 minute trip into the Pacific Ocean!)

Here’s a map of everywhere outside of Washington that we’ve shipped in the past 4 years!

Carriers We Use:

plycar carrier
reliable  carrier