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Competitive Financing and Warranty Programs.

Our Finance Department provides quality professional services offering competitive rates and extended terms. We offer Automobile Financing across the country. Most of the vehicles offered at Park Place Ltd. can be financed anywhere in the United States.

Credit Union Direct Lending Member With over 150 major credit unions to choose from

Member or not, we can sign you up immediately at our dealership. Credit unions offer great terms and rates for any age vehicle.

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Theft Recovery Protection

We also offer theft preventive measures for your automobile. Sky Link is now available. It's a passive device that sends a signal to the police if the car is stolen.

Theft Recovery

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Richard Wade:
Park Place Finance Manager
(425) 562-1000 ext. 1017

Richard has over 25 years experience in the field. He makes it easy!

Automotive Paint Protection You're about to purchase a vehicle, and don't want it to change

You want it to keep looking like it does the day you buy it. In order for that to happen, your car will need to have some protection, something guarding it from the elements of nature that decimate a vehicle’s appearance.

Paint Protection

Scrape Armor Protection for a Vulnerable Part of Your Vehicle

Each Scrape Armor kit is designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. at their facility in Bellevue, Washington. Every inch and curve is specifically designed for a perfect fit to the exact make and model of your car.

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We Offer Extended Warranties for most vehicles and can tailor your needs to give you the amount of coverage you desire.

Coverages range from one year/12,000 miles to ten years/120,000 miles, and everything in between. When you choose the New Vehicle Protection Plan that's right for you, you can be covered for up to 120,000 miles. You can select from our national network of over 6,000 authorized service centers.

Extended Warranties

  • Competitive Terms up to 120 months
  • 100% financing2
  • The application process is simple and quick
  • Approvals within minutes
  • We work with major lending institutions as well as specialized financing sources for specialized and recreation cars

Definitions and Explanations

Interest Rate
The periodic charge, expressed as a percentage, for the use of credit.

Loan Term
The length of time that it will take to repay the loan. Typical loan terms are 36, 48, 60, or 72+ months. We sometimes have options as long as 144 months. Term length has a larger impact on the monthly payment and the final amount repaid than interest rates.

Purchase Price
The amount of money agreed upon by both parties as the selling price of the item for sale.

Down Payment
The up-front cash payment that the buyer makes to reduce the amount borrowed to purchase a car; the difference between the loan amount and the purchase price. A trade-in allowance and/or rebate also may be used as down payment. The down payment helps protect the bank, credit union or finance company in case the borrower defaults on the loan.

Trade-in Value
The amount a dealership credits you for the used vehicle you provide as partial payment for another vehicle.

Sales Tax
A state, county and/or city surcharge added to the cost of certain items sold within a specific geographical area. This is usually a percentage of the total cost of a transaction, anywhere from 3% to 10%. Sales tax can vary greatly from county to county, due to county and/or city surcharges.

Vehicle Registration Fee
A fee charged by the state to legally register the vehicle in that state. Some states charge a flat fee, while others base it on the specific vehicle registered. Also called a licensing fee.

1. O.A.C (On Approval of Credit)

2. Loan terms and interest rates vary from applicant to applicant, and vehicle to vehicle, depending on the applicants credit rating, income and payment history. The year, make, model and mileage of the vehicle being financed. And the down payment.